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Terri Nakamura on Al Jazeera News

A few weeks ago, I logged in to Twitter late at night and responded to a tweet by @scotlandyardcsi, a former Scotland Yard crime scene photographer. It evolved into a real-time conversation about ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence natural language tool created by Open AI. The chat was random since many of my replies are in response to comments left hours earlier.

Our discussion was focused on ChatGPT and how he appreciated my gentle nudge to check it out. Shortly after our exchange, around 2 AM, I was contacted by Colin Baker, a reporter for Al Jazeera, asking if I'd be willing to do a short on-air interview about ChatGPT.

I was contacted by a producer who worked with me to adjust the distance of my face from my laptop camera and test sound levels. A few minutes later I was conversing with Colin Baker.

The next day Colin sent a link to the segment, which had already been aired and posted on YouTube. The experience was surreal, but cool. And it was great to see myself identified as "Terri Nakamura, author of 'Blogging on Instagram.'" You can view the segment at

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