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I'm an author. My book, BLOGGING ON INSTAGRAM: Engagement Writing on One of the World's Best Social Media Platforms, published 8/2021, and debuted at #1 across ten categories on Amazon.


I'm a communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in design, writing, production and strategy. My work has received numerous awards.

I'm known on major social platforms. I've created three personal blogs and I've been a contributing writer to blogs in the U.S. and abroad. In 2014 I was selected by Business Insider as one of the top women on Twitter in technology, and I've been a seven-year brand partner with OMMedia, promoting Verizon Wireless and other technology.

Adept at juggling, I can lead and work on concurrent projects both independently or as part of a team. When presented with a challenge, I know how to get things done.


what you need

You talk; I'll listen, and together we'll identify solutions to help achieve your objectives. Anyone with a computer can call themselves a designer, but I'm actually an experienced professional. My depth of knowledge and experience enables me to meet challenges, both large and small. I can work to create original art that will establish the basis of your brand. And I'll help you avoid costly mistakes that result when businesses work with inexperienced people. I've got your back.


what you get

Nakamura Design is a "just-in-time" company that has the ability to expand and contract as needed. You don't pay for extra bodies or unnecessary overhead.


Design expertise includes digital communications and print collateral; corporate identities and branding, and any project where your brand must live. I can help ensure your brand image appears consistently in print, digital, and in the social sphere. Whether your project has a budget of hundreds of dollars or hundreds of thousands, I can take a project from design concept through production and post production, and keep a eye on all of the details along the way.


Social media can seem confusing and ROI isn't always obvious, but companies can't afford to exist in a vacuum. Even if you're not active on social media, chances are your customers are talking about you. You need make yourself accessible to them and know how to engage. I can help you identify areas of focus; help you establish accounts, and show you how to grow them. Even if you've never heard of a hashtag, I can show you how to use them. I can create or help you curate content for as little or as long as you require.


how we begin

Learning your story will help us get started.


What are your perceived needs and objectives? What have you tried? What worked and what didn't? Are you expanding your services into a new area? Have you created a new product that you want to introduce? Are you attempting to reconnect with former customers?


When I'm working with a new client, a discussion about where you've been and where you want to be helps provide a foundation for understanding. An estimate reflecting the work to be done and a timeline may be presented to you. I have clients with whom I've worked for 20 years, showing unusual loyalty that I've worked hard to earn. I'd like you to become one of them! 

We are partners in the process. Clients come to me based on the recognition that professional guidance is needed. My goal is to create something that WORKS for your needs. Collaboration helps achieve the best solution for whatever challenges we face. I'm commited to creating positve outcomes.



how we will work together

holding your hand

Relationships are key. When a project is completed, we'll exchange more than a handshake and trade an invoice for a payment. In every business, it's all about relationships. I value your trust and appreciate having an opportunity to help you. So, whether it's a phone call or email query, or to learn about the feedback you've received, or simply getting together for a cup of coffee, I'll be there for you!

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