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Blogging on Instagram — Now in Real-life Bookstores

Updated: May 1, 2023

Blogging on Instagram is for sale at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Seattle Capitol Hill.

Have you had a dream come true? Was it a good dream, I hope?

Recently something amazing happened. ☎️ I called Rick Simonson at the Elliott Bay Book Company on Seattle’s Capitol Hill. 😯 I hesitated to reach out because it had been years since we last spoke. But I called & introduced myself & he remembered me. I told him I’d written a book ✍️ & asked if it would be OK to bring him a copy?

Elliott Bay is Seattle’s crown jewel 👑 of independent bookstores & I first met Rick there in the ‘70s. He’s been with EB for 45+ years & is the principal book buyer,📗📘📙 but he’s much, much more. He nurtured its literary series 🗣️ to become the most influential in the world 🏆 & has been credited for growing Seattle’s reputation as one of the best book cities in the US. 🇺🇸

Rick is a literary evangelist & discoverer of powerful, impactful & beautifully written books. 📚 He shared his excitement about his annual trip to the Jaipur Literature Festival 🇮🇳 #JLF, where he’s a well-known figure. His reputation extends across continents & time zones. 🌍🌏🌎 So why did he agree to place an order for #BloggingOnInstagram? 📖

He admitted it’s outside his normal orbit, 🪐 but I believe he wanted to help me. And I am so grateful! 🙏🥰

If you’re in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, stop in & browse. 🔍You’ll find treasures curated by Rick, @bookmonger_seattle & EB staff members. They share great recommendations based on human intelligence, not algorithms. 🧠

Many people know, I’m big on ((HUGS)) & when it came to Rick, there were plenty delivered in person. 🤗

When you can gather the courage to ask, sometimes the response will surprise you. Have you asked for something & been rewarded by a positive outcome? 🙌 I hope so.

I hope you’ll support me & @elliottbaybookco. Also, if you’re in the #WestSeattleJunction in #WestSeattle, @PegasusBookExchange has 3 copies!

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Oct 26, 2021

Hi Terri, I'd heard your book was in Elliott Bay Book Company, but hadn't known about the backstory. How wonderful that your book was accepted at the bookstore! I'm still reading, and getting a lot out of it. Thank you for writing it! Carol

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